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5 Ways to Get Your Dog Ready for Spring and Summer

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Troy works as a marketing executive for PremierPups, a website where you can find the most amazing Yorkie puppies for sale. Troy is passionate about animals and loves to help people find the right dogs for them. In addition to reading and writing about animals and psychology, Troy enjoys spending time with his beloved dog.

Spring is almost here, the weather is getting nice and warm, so it’s time to get your dog prepared for the new season. At, we have created a list of recommendations to help you succeed with the entire process, so you can enjoy some quality time with your dog.

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Coat Care and Health Care 

Everybody knows that shedding increases in the springtime as dogs eliminate their thick coat. Brushing your dog’s coat regularly during this period helps keep the shedding under control. The dead hair and dandruff are easily removed, so the coat gets a new and fresh look. Furthermore, your furry friend feels relaxed each time you brush him. The best solution is to use a brush with soft bristles that massage the skin and loosen up dry skin. After brushing, wash his coat, clean his ears and trim his nails.

Heartworm medicines are essential for the health of your dog during the warmer months, especially in the summer which is the mosquito season.

Don’t forget about prevention medicines for fleas and ticks. They are very hard to get rid of once they are already on your dog’s coat. Ticks have their peak breeding in April, May and June. Avoid pesticides used for fighting against fleas and ticks as they are harmful to your dog if ingested.   

Clean and Safe Environment

You should also focus on cleaning your dog’s bedding. A mild detergent or some vinegar should be enough to get rid of the fur, dander and bacteria that’s built up over the cold season. Don’t forget to clean his bedding every three months to kill flea eggs and parasites.

If you have a yard, it’s time to look for holes that might have developed over the winter and block them. Your dog either may use the holes to leave the yard and get lost or he can get stuck in them while trying to escape.

The Right Equipment 

Check your dog’s collar and leash and make sure they are in a good shape. Get a new leash and collar if the old ones are worn-out. Pay attention to your dog’s sizes as he might have gained some weight over the cold season. Check his collar to suits him.

Getting Ready for Outdoor Activities

Spring is perfect to share your favorite activities with your canine best friend. You can go for hiking, jogging, or any other type of activity that both of you’ll enjoy. Make sure you get the right equipment and all the stuff your dog may need to feel comfortable.

If your dog has been cooped up all winter, he may be a little confused when you take him to crowded places. Feed him with treats frequently so he gets used to the new environment and remains calm. If you notice he becomes frightened, take him out of the area for a short break and then come back again.

If you choose to go for a swim, make sure you expose your dog to water slowly so he can get used to the idea. Let him explore the water on his own and give him treats for moving deeper. Let him move out of and away from the water if he wants to. Don’t throw him directly into the water or drag him in, as he may become frightened.

A picnic or a sports game may be a great idea to spend some fun time outdoors with your best friend. Bring a blanket for your dog to rest and keep your dog calm while practicing your favorite game. Reward your dog for staying in place with praise and treats and give him some of his favorite toys to play with.

Getting Ready for Long Trips

It is always a good idea to prepare your dog for a long trip, but spring is by far one of the best moments to start the preparation. Car rides with dogs are different and need attention and special care to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for vacations, so your dog needs special training to better handle changes. Take short car rides with your dog around your town to get him used to the car before going on a long trip. Plan frequent breaks for relaxing and going to the bathroom.

Now that you know what steps to follow for preparing your dog for spring and summer, all you must do is use them and enjoy each moment you spend with your furry friend. Fun time is here! Prepare yourself to take advantage of it!

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