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Gorgeous Goberians: The Golden Retriever-Husky Mix

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We have all seen how cute the cocker spaniel, the bull terrier and German shepherd puppies can be. So, how can a designer dog breed of the super cute Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever not be cute? It’s no secret that these two breeds are among the best family dogs out there—and for good reason. They are fun, playful, active, and loving—perfect for any family.

The Golden Retriever Husky mix, more often called a “Goberian,” is an attempt to blend these two breeds together. However, they are a new hybrid. So, although they are cute, they can be supremely difficult to train, raise, and keep happy.

If you are considering Goberian dogs but have questions for the dog breeders about this Golden Retriever Husky mix, look no further. This article is an attempt to answer all of them. We’ll take a look at this breed and highlight some of the specific challenges that their owners face. We’ll also look at some of the amazing rewards that come from this unique breed.


This dog is a new attempt at blending the best parts of a Golden Retriever and a Husky. This daring blend makes sense on the surface. Both breeds are affectionate and active and many families across the country have them as pets.

However, the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky are very different dogs. Goldens were bred specifically to please their human counterparts. They are hunting companions with a need to impress and love their owners.

Huskies are pack dogs that usually live with other Huskies. They were bred to help keep their humans warm during harsh Siberian winters. They are more human-independent than Goldens and have a strong desire to roam and explore.

The combination of these two breeds through specialist Goberian breeders is a tricky one. And since the breed was only created in the early 21st century, breeders haven’t quite mastered it yet.

Because of this, your Goberian’s personality will be unparalleled. It will either lean more toward a Golden Retriever or a Siberian Husky. That balance will be determined by the dog’s parents and lineage.

So, next time you see dog breeders with a sign saying “Goberian puppies for sale” you will know exactly what you are looking at.


Goberian puppies walk a fine line between two very different personalities. Because of this, it will be both similar to and different from its parent breeds in a number of ways.

Let’s begin with appearance. Both the Husky and the Golden are cold-weather dogs. They have thick double coats that are designed to keep water out and heat in. Goldens have a long and flowy outer coat while Huskies have medium-length hair.

Your Goberian will also have a thick double coat. The appearance will vary greatly depending on the parents. Some of these puppies look like long-haired Huskies. Others like fluffier, shorter-haired Goldens.

However, unlike both parent breeds, the Goberian will not shed. It does need to be brushed a few times a week, but it won’t leave hair all over your furniture and clothing.

Goberians are also similar to their parents in that they are extremely active. Both Goldens and Huskies come from working dogs and this is apparent in their exercise needs. Huskies love running long distances and Goldens love to play fetch.

The Goberian is active, but the activity style the dog prefers will vary. If your dog leans more towards the Husky it might want to run more. If it is more of a Golden you can expect it to love to swim. Some dogs might even fall perfectly between the two! Regardless, this breed will need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Goberians can also be very similar or different to their parents in terms of size. They have a huge range of sizes and can weigh as little as 30 pounds or as much as 80. Again, this will be the direct result of the dog’s parents so breeders will answer your questions.


If you are interested in this Husky-Golden Retriever Mix, you should think twice before buying. These are demanding dogs and will last 10–15 years so you want to be sure they are right for you.

Because of the two different personalities, Goberians can be difficult to train. Huskies and Goldens need to be trained in very different ways and finding the right balance in this hybrid can be hard.

Huskies are known for being tough to train. They are used to packs with hierarchies. Even if you establish yourself as the “alpha dog,” it is likely to push back against you and test your boundaries. You will need to establish yourself as the “alpha” dog from the start—not treat your dog as an equal.

If your dog is more husky than golden, you need to use positive reinforcement. Huskies respond well to treats, for example, and will learn through reward.

You will also need to be assertive with your Husky-leaning Goberian. Huskies will always challenge authority, so you need to constantly put them in their place. You should train the dog to wait to eat or enter the room after you as a sign of authority. If they don’t listen, give them a stern “no.”

No matter what, keep your training consistent. Make sure that everyone in your family knows the correct command words and that you have a schedule for the dog.

On the other end is the Golden Retriever, which lives to please people. These dogs are enthusiastic and focused, which makes them one of the easier breeds to train.

Goldens border on obsessive. This means that they will keep practicing at something until they get it right. They also thrive on love and affection so kind words and cuddles are a great reward.

This breed instinctively knows that you are the boss. As a result, it will rarely challenge your authority. At worst, you might find a dog that chews on shoes for attention.

You will have to wait until you get your Goberian puppy to see which way they lean. And even if they lean strongly one way, certain types of discipline or reward might not work.

If you buy a Goberian, make sure you buy one from a reputable breeder. They can help you better understand your dog’s lineage and personality. These dogs go for anywhere from $250– $1,500, though reputable breeders will be on the pricier end.


At the end of the day, the Goberian is a wonderful dog for the right family. It will give plenty of love and affection but it presents some distinctive challenges.

If you are interested in a Goberian, make sure that you have plenty of time for exercise and patience for training.

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