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Living next door to George Michael

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Tribute were left to George Michael outside his home in Goring following his death last Christmas aged 53

George Michael was found dead at his riverside home on Christmas Day 2016. In the village of Goring, Oxfordshire, where he had lived for 17 years, he is still remembered not as a superstar but as a neighbour and friend. Here some people share their memories of meeting the star in their midst.

‘George Michael is rubbing my feet’

Image copyright Eloise Radziwill

Alison Clark’s first encounter with the ‘8 0s icon was when she offered him a lick of her ice-cream after bumping into him during a walk along the River Thames.

“I was desperate to say something to him, ” she says.

“It came out all un-cool. He said no. But he did laugh.”

Despite the embarrassment, the two became friends. She later went to his 40 th birthday celebrations, where she danced with him in the garden, drink from magnums of champagne and objective up being hurled into a swimming pool.